I make music. Someone may say “compose” but i don’t. I used to master Ableton Live sometimes using Ableton Push and in the last couple of years I got into daw-less gear like the OP-1, the PO14, the PO35, the OP-Z, the POM400 and more recently the 1010Music BlackBox, the MPC Live II and the Polyend Tracker. Next up will likely be the Polyend Play and the 1010Music bluebox to bring them all together.


Every monday morning in the blog you can find several topics, ranging from Digital Analytics (that i’m luky enough to also be my work, on top of being a passion), Technology (i love technology and it’s applications), Travel, Magic (some classical video of magicians i like), Lego (other people’s creations), Juggling (tutorials and whole routines) and maybe other random topics.


The shop is a fake place that i use to test things out for educational purposes. Usually to test new or custom Digital Analytics tracking concepts and tools. Needless to say you won’t be able to purchase anything. There is a Paypal link but i’m not even sure it works properly. In doubt: don’t use it. I don’t sell anything on this site. I’m very sorry about that. 😉