Where do you go?

http://www.wheredoyougo.net/ is a nice tool that you can youse in conjunction with your foursquare account. What? you don’t know yet what http://foursquare.com/ is??? you better go and do your homework because people believe it’s TNBT (the next big thing) and i tend to agree… So check it out and then come back to continue-reading this post later.

Done? ok… so now that you have your 4sq account and that you started checking in, you can appreciate better what weredoyougo is about. Here is a map i’ve generated with it: it represents an heatmap of Milan with my checkins overlayed to it. When you give your login to wheregoyougo it will fatch your public checkings (the ones that appear in your 4sq profile page) and use geo-location to overlay their number on the map of the selected area. Pretty cool isn’t it? 🙂

You can also adjust the size of the map… why? because you can take a screenshot of it and share a link to it to use on your blog or even directly tweet it.I prefer updating it from time to time and upload it manually, but it’s just a personal taste. If you were to share it, wheredoyougo creates for you an hotlink (mine is this_one)…

so now that you know what it does… have fun!

UPDATE: here is the “heatmap overlay” generated today after few days using foursquare….

… and once you overlay with its backgorund map created on http://www.wheredoyougo.net/ using Google Maps API, shows up like this:

I like it…. so i’ll keep updating it! 🙂

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