LaCie Little Disk

Yesterday i was window-shopping and i’ve bumped into this cute little thing. I couldn’t resist and i had to buy one. It’s a 30 GB external USB 2.0 hard-drive. Still I couldn’t make up my mind: is it a large USB key or a tiny hard-drive? 🙂 Well, one or the other, it’s a great storage device for such a small size. it’s just very close to the size of a zippo lighter (or, if you are not familiar with Zippos at all, it’s a mare 5x4x1.5 cm box (with the usb cover add 1.5 cm to it’s hight: 6.5x4x1.5).

Is it worth it? in italy it retails for around 40 Euros, not cheap considering you can now get 1T external drives for 100 Euros and less, and portable 2.5 inches ones costing around 100 Euros will give you now 500GB very easily. But this is a USB key (at least this is where LaCie puts it in their website) and with that product range an averege 8GB key is on sale for about 25 Euros. So 30GB for 40 Euros is not such a bad deal. 

Installation is very easy and it also comes with an installazion wizard that guides you with formatting it for Win only usage or mixed WIN/MAC/NUX systems. I’ve choose the latter and once formatted it left me with a true available space of more than 29.7GB. Not bad at all. 


Now I can say I’m an happy owner of the LaCie little disk!

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