Melbourne: walking

So i made it to Melbourne. Flight had a slight delay but I’ve made it. I spent the entire saturday walking around (mainly to keep me awake). Walked from 7am until 2pm: Southbank, then back to the Yerra river, then towards and through Albert park until I’ve reached St Kilda Pier and beach, where i couln’t walk on the pier as i was too cold because of the wind. On the way back i took a tram to Southbank and crashed for a couple of hours. I didn’t realize how much did i walk until i’ve summarized the path on Google Earth: more than 10k (excluding the rest of the day/evening).

Today is Tim Burton’s Exhibit turn, @ the ACMI. I hope the line is not as long as it was yesterday. Will try to be there early.

The weather is not very good, it’s chilly and there are lots of showers. Hope today will be sunny.

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