If you travel a lot…

.. you can’t miss the opportunity to get yourself a fully working mouse that is also small enough to easily fit in your desktop case without making it look oddly shaped….

So far until yesterday i thought the only solution was to use a mini-mouse, but i’ve always found myself very unconfortable with those tiny devices, and changing the mouse while travelling and while working @ my desk is not a nice option either (as i’m lazy and i can’t be bothered getting used to one or the other too often)….
Anyway, my old mouse finally broke last week, and i’ve speent some time looking for the best compromise between size (i like to feel the mouse in my hand when i use it) and portability (i don’t want it to fill the entire laptop-case internal pocket)… then today I came across the latest Microsoft Arc Mouse. It’s basically a foldable full-sized mouse. Looks great and, even if it’s morern derigned, it’s also very confy to use! 🙂
I had an HP wireless mouse and it’s a pity this new one doesn’t work with the same wireless usb dongle, but, hey…you can’t always get what you want
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