Madrid and eBook readers

Here I am… after 2 hours flight and few kids screaming in the seats behind me i’ve finally landed and reached the hotel. Didn’t take any picture yet, mainly because i have been very busy playing with my new toy, the Sony ebook reader – pocket version (AKA as PRS 300.. )

The reason i choose this version instead of the touch version is mainly because i want to be able to read a book and the touch in my opinion has a big problem when it comes to this aspect: the screen is way too glossy… which is a bit disappointing for an e-Reader where it all should end up with a nice, confortable reading session.
I’ve been using this e-Reader for a month now and I have to say that it was defenetly worth the price i’ve paid for it (180 pounds @Harrods, London). Feature-wise this reader doesn’t have anything: no memory card reader, no search feature, no nothing. But it does it’s job really well: you can read under almost any light conditions (except the dark, as it doens’t have any backlight) and it’s really pocket size, as it fits in my internal jacket pocket easily even in it’s pouch.
Compatibility-wise i’ve managed to use PDF standard file mainly and it does offer 3 zoom levels (but the 1st level is almost impossible to read and i always use it at the 2nd zoom level). i’ve also used to read MS word document (.doc format, not the .docx version) and it works smoothly. So far it only crashed once but hard reset got it back to work.
By the way: wondering what am i reading now? I’m currently finishing the first 3 books of the Asimov’s Foundation trilogy… and i’m enjoying each page of it!
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